Building Your Company’s Culture

Organizations, like people, have distinctive personalities. In a corporate context, that personality expresses itself as the company’s culture. Knowing that your organization has a culture and being able to define and shape it isn’t as easy as making a statement about it. Just as a people can’t decide to become something different just by defining […]

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How Can CEOs Use Their Time More Effectively?

A talented CEO with a great team can build an empire within an industry, but there’s one commodity no one can simply grow to meet greater demands: time. It’s at a premium for CEOs, and finding ways to use it wisely is an essential job skill. It isn’t enough to be efficient with time, to […]

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Learning to Trust Your Marketing Team

Marketers have a well-deserved reputation for casting a company’s product line or services in the best possible light using a combination of audience research and creativity. They haven’t traditionally been able to quantify their results and show exactly how effective their strategies are, though – not until recently. With the rise of digital marketing and […]

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Jumping the Imagination Gap

CEOs are more than business leaders; they’re visionaries. Their insights shape the course of their organizations’ destinies and their industries’ futures. Given the need for big-picture thinking, one of the biggest risks some CEOs make is in thinking too small. If you’ve ever tried to predict what the next big musical trend would be or […]

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The Middle of the Hourglass – The Unique Position of the CEO

In “The American CEO,” Peter Drucker observed that the CEO is more than just a coach or a crisis management specialist, instead playing a distinct role within the organization: the point at which the company’s inside becomes its outside. “Inside, there are only costs. Results are only on the outside.” As CEO, you represent the […]

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5 Tips for Better Decision-Making

When you’re at the top, being able to make decisions quickly and accurately are a vital skill. Everything from personnel changes to long-term strategies depends on you. The ship goes where you guide it, so here’s how to hone your ability to avoid rough waters and steer away from danger.   Delegate Decision-Making You don’t […]

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Be Your Company’s Best Motivational Expert

From Fortune 500 companies to mom-and-pop shops, motivation is big business. Motivational speakers and consultants earn millions each year from businesses seeking an edge over the competition, and for good reason – motivated employees are productive employees. CEOs and company owners sometimes overlook one of the greatest sources of motivation for their organizations: themselves. Here’s […]

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Improve Your Efficiency as CEO

Every department within your company has metrics to measure progress and productivity, but efficiency matters for CEOs too. What are you doing to monitor your own growth and enhance your capabilities? As the captain of the ship, it’s arguably more important for you to be an effective decision-maker than for anyone else in your organization, […]

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Not Just Marketing: Social Media for CEOs

Social media falls squarely within your marketing department’s sphere of influence, but that doesn’t mean that you as a CEO can afford to ignore it. Your position is a prominent one, and if you don’t have a voice in the conversation about you and your brand that will inevitably take place, you let others do […]

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Top Tasks for First-Time CEOs

Few things are as exhilarating or frightening as taking your place behind the big desk and piloting an entire company from it. You already know most of what you need to know; if you didn’t, you wouldn’t have reached your position. That doesn’t mean you know everything, though – at least, not yet. Most of […]

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